Pracownia Teatru Tańca_Adepts NationalAnthem

Premiere: June 24, 2019 - Open rehearsal of the Dance Theater Studio | Department of Culture Animation and Andragogy University of Zielona Góra | Zielona Góra

This is Poland!

Welcome to the Vistula River

These are our billboards

These are our churches

And these are neither forests nor dumps

And that's black over everything

What is smoking and swaying

This is our rainbow

She was rude so she burned a little

(Mister D. | Dorota Masłowska - Rainbow)


In NationalAnthem, the theme of patriotism of the creators and performers of the show and their inner sense of Polishness were explored. The authors referred to personal texts and experiences in order to show the polyphony on such an important collective social construct as the nation. 

In the text that was an inspiration for us, Dorota Masłowska sharply criticizes the society, which, according to her, does not tolerate any deviations from the accepted norms and is full of hypocrites who, on the one hand, are brought up in love for their neighbor, and on the other hand, attack all those who have different views. According to the artist, the ritual of smoking the Rainbow in Plac Zbawiciela in Warsaw was very meaningful. There was something about it, both a great barbecue and a huge pile. But beneath all the grotesque it was an act of hatred that became our daily bread. This is a text about the fact that it is wrong when God and Poland are dragged onto the banner of this hatred.

However, NationalAnthem is not a political "morality play". The performance is neutral in terms of worldview, but it boldly comments on the current reality, which keeps it in the mainstream of critical choreography.

Choreography and direction: Marek Zadłużny

Choreographer's assistant: Radosław Bajon

Costumes concept: Radosław Bajon

Time: 30min

Current cast:

Agata Hałubicka, Natalia Hass, Zofia Berlikowska, Magdalena Dobek, Radosław Bajon, Gabriel Zaborniak, Kacper Rampold

Premiere cast:

Karolina Stefaniak, Agata Hałubicka, Maja Kordek, Zofia Berlikowska, Weronika Kędzierska, Julia Perzyńska, Kacper Rampold


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