About the association

The Center for Choreographic Practices (OPCh.)

is formally association registered in the National Court Register under the number 0000362239.

OPCh. was founded inspired by non-governmental cultural institutions that operate in the field of supporting the dance culture.

OPCh. is a space for integration, exchange of ideas and experiences, artistic creation and education in the field of widely understood choreography.


We want to: promote the art of choreography on a local, national and international scale through project cooperation. Educate all social groups through the offer of dance classes and other body awareness trainings. Create repertoire performances as the Dance Theater Studio, which is the creative space of the OPCh. Organize festivals, workshops and artistic residencies, as well as scientific conferences devoted to theoretical issues of dance and choreography. Network and collaborate with other organizations and artists combining choreography with other areas of art, e.g. visual and performative arts.