About festival


Sphere of Movement

is a network of festivals focused on contemporary dance and performative arts which is implemented in three Polish cities: Słupsk, Toruń and Zielona Góra.

The aim of the initiative is to present performances and to integrate the community associated with the area of widely understood Polish dance theater and contemporary dance. The initiators and directors of the festivals are: Joanna Miś-Fudali, Gabriela Keller-Janus and Marek Zadłużny.

Currently, the event has a curatorial character and is aimed at the environment that deals with dance, both professionally and non-professionals. The idea is to create space for ensembles and artists who give themselves to dance and create often by performing a different profession every day

The Zielona Góra initiative has its origins in the SPACE Festival, which since 2010 has been organized by Marek Zadłużny in cooperation with Anna Piotrowska.

Sphere of Movement 2020 | THE BIG BANG

The motto of the next edition, planned for October 2020, is "The Big Bang". The festival will also be an occasion to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the Workroom of Dance Theatre.