Physical ArtHouse- Promo vol. 5


Holidays are coming to an end and we are sharing with you for the first time a fresh video heralding the arrival of the new season of creative work 20 | 21.

The recording was possible thanks to the extremely successful cooperation with Gracjan Majchrzak, who, together with Radosław Bajon, has been creating a duo responsible for the original visual communication of the Dance Theater Studio for several years.

Desert session with Gracjan Majchrzak


Like most of the cultural environment, we have experienced the difficulties and constraints of the ongoing pandemic, and we continue to function properly in a system of uncertainty. At the same time we try to do our own thing! We are preparing to perform at the Mandala Performance Festival 14th edition in Wrocław and we are organizing the Sfera Ruchu Zielona Góra Festival 2020 - "The Big Bang", which will also be an opportunity to celebrate the 10th anniversary of our activity ... it's hard for us to believe it, time flies as soon...

Portrait session with Marek Lalko


While waiting for a return to normalcy, we are sharing with you a portrait session that was made for us by an extremely talented photographer Marek Lalko ( ).

Portrait session with Gracjan Majchrzak


We are happy to share the effects of the most spontaneous session that has happened to us.

Its beginning took place late in June at night, in the bathroom, on the occasion of a social meeting with our image specialist Gracjan Majchrzak, all during the  Mandala Performance Festival in Wrocław.

Another proof that less is better. Genius loci - that's the secret.

Pracownia Teatru Tańca - Promo vol. 4


the new artistic season 18 | 19 is ahead

video production:
Regional Center for Cultural Animation  and  JOKO Fotografia

A dance session with Gracjan Majchrzak


There is nothing like a good session to start your creative work in the 2017/2018 season.

We share with you the effect of cooperation with the amazing Gracjan Majchrzak, who has been responsible for our image for several years.

In the meantime, let the beautiful autumn last ... because the most important thing is to be authentic ...

Portrait session with Tomasz Pastyrczyk


... as you can see, each of us has a dark passenger ... This is the result of our artistic cooperation with:
📷  -  GOPHOTO.PL  Thank you !!!

We are satisfied, although now we are afraid of what is inside us ... You will be able to experience it in March at Sphere Ruchu 2017

The photos show the composition from the 2016/2017 season.

Pracownia Teatru Tańca - Promo vol. 3


The 2016-17 creative season is officially open!

The hours of work spent in training rooms are ahead of us. New projects, performances, trips, relationships ... Satisfaction and joy, but also moments of doubt ...
We come back, we work, we are ... for you !!!

Thank you to Gracjan Majchrzak! You're the best!

Forest session with Gracjan Majchrzak


We are pleased to present our latest session, straight from the forest ... We are finally complete !!! phew but it was hot then ...

We would like to thank the photographer Gracjan Majchrzak.

Product session for Nuno'ni | Terra Group


Cool and different lamps. 2 days of work behind us ... see the effect!

Levitation session with Gracjan Majchrzak


... fly me to the moon and let me play among the stars ...

Levitation ... Special thanks to Gracjan Majchrzak for patience and professionalism.

Pracownia Teatru Tańca - Promo vol. 2


Season 15 | 16 has started! We can not wait!!!

Although the Dance Theater Studio is still on vacation, the weather and the lake encouraged us to dance ..

Special thanks to Gracjan Majchrzak for artdirecting, Radosław Bajon for editing and to the city guards from Zielona Góra, just for the instruction ...

PS: the film must be with headphones or on connected speakers.

Pracownia Teatru Tańca - impro


We share positive energy with you and ensure that dance is the best for everything!

Goofing around in class is also important!

We would like to thank Anna Zadłużna for capturing the dance ...

Pracownia Teatru Tańca - Promo vol. 1


new season 14 | 15 Dance Theater Studios

It will become a tradition! Believe us!

We thank Gracjan Majchrzak for the implementation.