Magdalena Dobek

Magdalena Dobek - student of the 1st Secondary School of General Edward Dembowski in Zielona Góra. She began her adventure with art at the age of five, when she began attending ballet classes at the Community Center in Zielona Góra.

A breakthrough decision was joining the TAGIM Contemporary Dance Theater, run by Małgorzata Konert (now Chreptak). Here she found her own way in the world of dance, and expanded its perception beyond movement, showing in it the possibility of conveying her own story, feelings and views.

Together with the TAGIM ensemble, she has participated in many national and international dance festivals (including the Czech Republic, Germany), and also participated in international dance workshops and in the Intertwined Europaisches Theaterfestival in Cottbus.

In 2019, she won a distinction at the Lubuska Dance Gala for a solo arrangement in her own choreography. A breakthrough decision turned out to be joining the Dance Theater Studio as an apprentice, in which she got to know dance from a completely new perspective. Under the supervision of Marek Zadłużny and with the help of Radosław Bajon, she presented herself again with a solo arrangement at the Lubuska Gala Dance, winning the title of laureate.