Learning Ukrainian

Learning Ukrainian

At the bottom of the stone,
eyes the color of
Dry grass are
taken on with a tongue
unknown to Me.

Me – it’s you yesterday.
You – this is me today.
The sea consumes me.
Raises and lowers
Rescues and loses

4 am
I wake up
and my soul is wet.
(Vita Brykailo – May 31, 20)

From end to beginning. From big to small. As if you could learn the alphabet all over again. Read against the text, write against the letters, go against the wind. As if you could forget what you were taught and learn again. As if you were to die first and then be born.
The film “Learning the Ukrainian Language” was created as a commentary to the artistic realization “Notes of Everyday”, which appear in the form of poems and sketches. As if going from poems to the alphabet, learning what is contained in them.

Vita Brykailo

Viktoriia Brykailo (born 1997) – student of visual arts at the Faculty of Arts at the University of Zielona Góra. He creates to remember. Short moment, moment. To see and hear better. To see history and life by touching. Feel the breath, fresh air to be able to breathe the whole breast. For her, creativity is a reflection of time, thoughts, experiences and space. A reflection of herself and at the same time her absence. It is somewhere very close all the time and still quite far away. This is how he sees better, he feels better.

Radosław Bajon  (born 1993) – student of visual arts at the Faculty of Arts at the University of Zielona Góra. He also graduated in culture animation at the University of Zielona Góra. Since 2010, he has been developing and creating the Dance Theater Studio, which operates in Zielona Góra. Currently, while studying, he works in the Drawing and Intermedia Studio of prof. Radosław Czarkowski, where, using his interests and skills in the broadly understood movement and choreography, he deals with the creation of videoperformances.