Kinga Górska

Kinga Górska - pedagogue, culture animator, choreographer, Pilates instructor, Pilates CORE ™ personal trainer and dancer of the Dance Theater Studio from Zielona Góra. Passionate about various fields of art: dance, theater and ceramics. For many years, she has been associated with Małgorzata Bukowicz's Ceramics Studio at MCKiE Dom Harcerza.

She completed the Dance Movement Therapy course at the Polish Institute of Dance and Movement Psychotherapy in Warsaw. She lectured on Movement in Theater at the Faculty of Pedagogy, Psychology and Sociology at the Department of Culture Animation and Andragogy at the University of Zielona Góra.

In his work with children, adolescents and adults, he focuses on deepening the awareness of his own body, discovering its possibilities and limitations. Together with the group, he is looking for an individual language of movement using modern dance technique, improvisation, elements of classical dance, working with mental images and body expression.

Director's assistant, costume designer and choreographer in many performances of the Lubuskie Theater (Princess Turned Upside Down, Beast, Fernando Krapp wrote this letter to me. A Study of Truth). The originator and co-creator of the project Laboratorium Twórcze Lubuskie Teatr, which is an educational and artistic space for children, youth, adults and seniors.