Julia Perzyńska

Julia Perzyńska - she is currently a secondary school graduate, who still has a long way to go in searching and creating her future. She is particularly interested in the broadly understood theater and dance art and it is with them that she links her further education.

From an early age associated with dance, sports acrobatics and theater. She started working in the theater group at the Youth Culture and Education Center "Dom Harcerza" in 2007. For many years, she participated in national festivals, winning, together with the group, prizes appreciated in the community. She has also participated in many recitation competitions and one-actor theater reviews, where she achieved numerous successes.

She has been associated with the Dance Theater Studio since 2015 as an adept. Participant of many dance festivals and reviews. She participated in classes including Anna Piotrowska. He keeps perfecting his skills, hoping that his adventure with dance is just beginning. Her first steps in the method implemented by PTT were difficult. This work is about structural improvisation and searching for yourself by leaving the comfort zone and listening to your body and emotions, which she encountered for the first time. Cooperation with Marek Debtny allowed her to perfect her stage skills and to reduce her own language of movement.