Gabriel Zaborniak

Gabriel Zaborniak - last year student of data engineering at the Faculty of Mathematics, Informatics and Econometrics at the University of Zielona Góra. Enthusiast of various fields of art, in particular dance and theater. Since childhood, he has been associated with theater forms, multiple laureates of national festivals of children's theater.

He developed his theatrical skills under the watchful eye of Ewa Robak, and then Irena Kociszewska, who instilled in him a love for this area of ​​creation. At a later stage, he developed his creative skills, which he used in cooperation with young people, directing performances appreciated in the community. Since childhood, he has also been associated with the world of dance, first with acrobatic rock'n'roll, and later with street forms, as a participant in formation groups.

A turning point in his perception of art was joining the Dance Theater Studio, where he has been developing and co-creating since 2015. It was dance that became his main medium of transmitting thoughts and emotions. He is particularly interested in the original language of the Gaga movement - Ohad Naharin. Participant of national and international festivals and dance workshops. He gained his experience through regular participation in classes and workshops with people such as Małgorzata Mielech, Paweł Matyasik, Iwona Olszowska, Be van Vark (Germany) and Julia Ehrstrand (USA / Sweden). Co-organizer of the All-Polish Festival SFERA RUCHU held in Zielona Góra, Słupsk and Toruń. Guest at International Exposure 2019 in Tel Aviv (Israel).

Collaboration with Marek Debtny had a significant influence on his artistic shape.