Collages for Sphere of Movement

Kolaże Sfera Ruchu

Movement Sphere 2019 was for us, as organizers and visual artists, an event of a special character. We have been working very intensively for over half a year and as an artistic duo, we have created series of video performance, collages and erotic games. We decided to make works for the festival participants, which were the result of creating symbolic metaphors, aesthetic and meaning layers. After all, artists often communicate in their own language. This is how the collages were created that refer in their content and / or visual layer to the performances presented at the Sphere of Movement. This is, of course, our subjective point of view, but is this not the most beautiful thing in art, the multiplicity of interpretations? We have given this event something unique, something created by visual artists for dance artists.See 19 works:

TRANS Team - Anxiety

Contemporary Dance Studio - Farewell

Pryzmat Dance Theater Studio - zeSTROjeNIE

Konin Dance Theater - Oj Ty Rzeko

Joanna Miś-Fudali & Marta Pańka - Mijanie

3D - Body

Anna Haracz | Variatino Cinema - The White Resonance

Mufmi - Out Of Structure

Terminus A Quo - On Movement and Stillness Douvé

Pryzmat - Over Ground Dance Theater Studio

Teatr Ruchu ŚDK - White Sheet

Marta Kosieradzka - The doubts and reflections os Eve

Klaudia Janus & Martyna Majewska - KA - BA

Akro Dance Theater - Behind closed doors

Eliza Kindziuk - See Me

PańFu project - Roots

Agnieszka Sterczyńska - g-force

Dance Studio of the ZNAK Theater - Her (t) z

Enza Dance Theater - Tulips on concrete

Ola and Radek

Aleksandra Maliszewska  (born 1985) - a graduate of the Faculty of Arts at the University of Zielona Góra and Pedagogy. Artist, cultural animator, educator. In his professional and creative activity, he uses interdisciplinarity. Author of videoperformances in which she talks about the existence of modern man. Works with children and teenagers. He conducts workshops in Poland and abroad.

Radosław Bajon  (born 1993) - student of visual arts at the Faculty of Arts at the University of Zielona Góra. He also graduated in culture animation at the University of Zielona Góra. Since 2010, he has been developing and creating the Dance Theater Studio, which operates in Zielona Góra. Currently, while studying, he works in the Drawing and Intermedia Studio of prof. Radosław Czarkowski, where, using his interests and skills in the broadly understood movement and choreography, he deals with the creation of videoperformances.