World premiere of the recomposition: 12/05/2021 - Open rehearsal of Physical ArtHouse | Zielona Góra | Premiere: November 16, 2014 - Space Z2014G | Auditorium UZ im. Gagarin | Zielona Góra

Found in an old notebook

Phone numbers

Dead friends

The addresses of burnt houses.

I wind up the figures. I'm waiting.

Phone rings.

Someone picks up the phone.

Silence. I can hear my breath.

Or maybe a whisper of fire.

(Antoni Słonimski - Notes)


Emptiness. Empty me. A blank stare. Empty head. Is the body detached from the soul just empty, sterile space? The project was inspired by the motif of empty, dry shells. Going further, the looks of empty eyes, culturally perceived as mirrors of the soul. The exploration of the topic of emptiness led us to a surprising, extremely dynamic contrast in movement.

Choreography and direction: Marek Zadłużny

Costumes concept: Radosław Bajon

Time: 25min

Recomposition cast: Agata Hałubicka, Iwa Pytiak, Zofia Berlikowska, Róża Kułak, Magdalena Dobek

Premiere cast: Justyna Śmietańska, Katarzyna Pawlak, Julita Polańska, Paulina Niemiec, Natalia Dziadek, Łukasz Szpilski, Marek Zadłużny, Radosław Bajon


25. 06.2021 - Premieres of Physical ArtHouse | Zielona Góra

12/05/2021 - Open Rehearsal Physical ArtHouse | Zielona Góra

27/04/2018 - International Dance Day | Nowosolski House of Culture | Nowa Sól

November 18, 2016 - 24. Open Theaters Meetings | The seat of the Terminus A Quo Theater | Nowa Sól

05.08.2016 - Barlinek Likes Theater - Barlinek Cultural Center | Barlinek

10/04/2016 - 20th Cottbuser Schüler - Kunst - Tage | JUKS Cottbus Jugend und Kinder Der Stad eV | Cottbus | Germany

17.10.2015 - National Youth Festival - Alchemy of the Theater - OFMAT | Staromiejskie Centrum Kultury Młodzieży | Cracow

May 22, 2015 - 3rd Alternative Dance Theaters Festival - Open Eyes | Rondo Theater | Słupsk

07.05.2015 - Art Department of the Academy of Humanities and Economics in Łódź | Łódź

11/04/2015 - VI Festival of Theater Youth - Cravings | Gate Theater | Goleniów

10/03/2015 - New Year's Theater Confrontations - POKOT | Lubuski Theater | Zielona Góra

08/02/2015 - Premieres of the Dance Theater Studio | Department of Culture Animation and Andragogy UZ | Zielona Góra

2014-11-16 - Space Z2014G - | Auditorium UZ im. Gagarin | Zielona Góra