Premiere: 17/03/2017 - Z2017G Movement Sfera | Department of Culture Animation and Andragogy UZ | Zielona Góra

Two-headed monster - a hybrid

Atavistic love of mother and daughter

A perverse role reversal

Emotional dependence versus the inevitable need to separate

Breathe, thirst for breath

Circle, cycle, beginning and end.


Santa muerte. Holy death. It is an attempt to show the relationship between a mother and daughter from the perspective of two men, the creators - Marek Zadłużny and Radosław Bajon. The narrative is built on the basis of the authentic experiences of those who contribute to this project, which is the biographical nature of the process. The involvement of Anna Pelińska - mother and her ten-year-old daughter - Maria Wodzak allowed us to create an intimate, special picture, carrying a multitude of meanings. But most of all, it is about a feeling that is universal regardless of the cultural context.

Choreography and direction: Marek Zadłużny

Choreographer's assistant: Radosław Bajon

Costumes concept: Radosław Bajon

Time: 25min

Premiere cast: Anna Pelińska , Maria Wodzak


21.04.2017 – V Festiwal Teatrów Tańca - Sfera Ruchu | Teatr Rondo | Słupsk

17.03.2017 – Sfera Ruchu Z2017G | Zakład Animacji Kultury i Andragogiki UZ | Zielona Góra