Happiness | Happiless

Happiness | Happiless

Premiere: June 24, 2019 - Open Rehearsal of the Dance Theater Studio | Department of Culture Animation and Andragogy University of Zielona Góra | Zielona Góra

We wish you all the best!

Lots of love, joy

But first of all

HAPPINESS | happiness

and once more


A lot of luck

Well! Bye bye, kisses


The Book of Proverbs states: "A joyful heart is good, a depressed spirit dries up the bones"

We are immersed in the Western culture of the pursuit of happiness. Whatever it may mean now. Happiness | Happiless, however, is not a philosophical essay in which we seek answers to the eternal question: what is happiness and how to find it? 

We put forward the thesis that "there is no happiness".

Under the slogan "there is no happiness" there is also a series of performative works by Remigiusz Borda, which became an inspiration for us to consider the universal nature of man. This seemingly simple statement points to the triviality of our daily pursuit of the indefinite, in the face of many variables over which we have no influence. These reflections led us surprisingly to consider leaving and then to think about the end.

Ultimately, the leaves wither just like the bones.

Choreography and direction:
Marek Zadłużny and the band

Costumes concept:
Radosław Bajon


Current cast:
Kalina Grupa, Natalia Hass, Agata Dąbrowna, Marek Zadłużny, Radosław Bajon, Gabriel Zaborniak

Premiere cast: Agnieszka Jodłowska, Magdalena Bębenek, Natalia Hass, Martyna Blachowska, Agata Dąbrowna, Marek Zadłużny, Gabriel Zaborniak



2020 - Sfera Ruchu Zielona Góra - "The Big Bang" | Weaving | green Mountain

2020 - Mandala Performance Festival | Center in the Suburbs | Wroclaw

2019 - Premieres of the Dance Theater Studio 2019 | Lubuski Theater | green Mountain

2019 - Independent Theater Festival FORMA | The seat of the Terminus A Quo Theater | new salt

2019 - Sfera Ruchu Toruń | Youth Cultural Center in Toruń | Toruń

24/06/2019 - Open Rehearsal of the Dance Theater Studio | Department of Culture Animation and Andragogy UZ | green Mountain