Beloved Land

Beloved Land

World premiere: May 11, 2021 - Open Rehearsal of Physical Arthouse | Zielona Góra

Evil can grow. And today there is still an atavistic tendency to destroy and kill in each of us. Because hatred is much easier to arouse than to induce love. Hate is easy. Love requires effort and dedication. We allow hate and intolerance parades to take place in the streets of democratic countries in the name of democratic freedoms. This is a bad sign. And this is not a democracy, because democracy is not about allowing evil, even the smallest one, because it may not be known when to grow. We have to teach in schools, kindergartens, universities that evil is evil, hatred is evil, and that love is a duty. We must fight evil so that the one who does evil will understand that there will be no pity for him.

Marek Edelman, June 2005


For several years, the landscape of the Polish political landscape has been clearly browning. Aggressive groups pour out on the streets not only during the Independence March, but also on the occasion of other circumstances - called patriotic or national, and which are in fact the next points in the schedule of making society familiar with neo-fascism. Even at the end of the last decade, the phalanx, the hand holding the sword, was a symbol used by marginal Nazi groups. Today, youths marching under such flags, see themselves as a national revival and an anti-system movement to oppose the ubiquitous "leftism". The phalanx returns, and with it we observe the reincarnation of all the worst meanings of this symbol: hatred, inequality, the cult of power, contempt for otherness and the apotheosis of militarism. We should remember this especially nowwhen the militants marching on the streets with Biała Polska on their lips act bolder and bolder - full of love in declaration and hatred in action.

An excerpt from an essay by Piotr Nowak

Choreography and direction: Marek Zadłużny and the team

Choreographer's assistant: Gabriel Zaborniak

Costumes concept: Radosław Bajon

Time: 40min

Premiere cast: Marta Pelińska, Kalina Grupa, Natalia Hass, Marek Zadłużny, Radosław Bajon, Gabriel Zaborniak


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May 11, 2021 - Open Rehearsal Physical ArtHouse | Zielona Gora