Marek Zadłużny

Marek Zadłużny – choreographer, educator, dance theorist with a doctor’s University degree. Qualified dancer (he gained a diploma acknowledged by the Union of Artists from Polish Scenes and honoured by the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage). Theater critic associated with „Theater Journal”. Graduate of animation of culture and sport at Zielona Gora University. Scholar at Oslo University College.

Animator and researcher of dance culture. The author of monograph –„Dance- a world of choreographers’ experiences” and academic publications of range dance pedagogics widely comprehended. Adjunct and lecturer in modern forms of dance at Zielona Góra University. Director of scenic movement. Founder, carer and choreographer of Workroom of Dance Theatre in Zielona Gora.

Creator of dozens of choreographies, activities and actions from the frontier of dance and performative arts.

Engaged in development of amateur artistic movement which he comes from. He cooperates with a lot of teams as a choreographer. Pedagogue of modern dance at international workshops organized in Berlin, Luxemburg, Talin and Cottbus. Participant of all-Poland and international dance workshops. Maker with Anna Piotrowska Polish nationwide festivals’ net of dance theatres „SPACE”, and nowadays „Sphere of movement”. Chairman in „Center for Choreographic Practices”.